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Hoffmann Reisen has been an expert in coach travel in Germany and abroad for more than 50 years.

From our first scheduled bus service in the 1960s and our first bus trips abroad to France, coach travel has also developed considerably over the years. Hoffmann Reisen continues to offer local transport services to the Eifel and Ahr Regions. We use modern coaches with 35 - 44 seats for trips in Germany and Europe. In over half a century our buses have "seen" every corner of Europe.

Discover the Eifel, Germany and Europe with our modern and safe bus fleet!

Our bus fleet

Mercedes-Benz Intouro

Our all-rounders for scheduled and transfer journeys (4 in our fleet)

Classic car Setra S6

Built 1959, first registration 1960. 23 seats, ideal for beautiful tours through the Eifel and fantastic weddings (1 in our fleet)

Neoplan Cityliner

Our luxurious coach, which offers excellent comfort and leaves nothing to be desired (2 in our fleet)

Mercedes Integro

A reliable, robust model that we use mainly in school and regular service (1 in our fleet)

Setra S 315 UL

Our crime thriller bus: On the Nordschleife-Mordschleife round trip it takes you to scenes and other prominent locations from the Eifel crime thrillers. And the students love it when they get the chance to travel by bus. The driver is asked where the bullet holes come from. (1 in our fleet)

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