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Hoffmann Reisen is a family business that has been in the tourism and bus business for more than half a century.

However, the history of our company goes back much further!

The origins of the company go back to the year 1898. At that time Johann Michel Hoffmann founded a blacksmith's shop in the Kirchstraße in Nohn: Horse shoeing and horse-drawn carriages. With the increasing motorization and the construction of the Nürburgring, a car rental company was added. Fritz Hoffmann, the son of Johann Michael Hoffmann, built a sawmill and a petrol station at the company's present headquarters in Adenauer Straße in 1928.

In 1957, the first bus was purchased to operate a line for Deutsche Bahn; in 1958, the company's first own lines were put into operation.

The first school bus in the district of Ahrweiler in 1966 was operated by Hoffmann-Reisen. It connected the towns of Dankerath, Senscheid, Trierscheid and Hoffeld with Nohn. Already in 1969 the first pilgrimage to Lourdes in southern France was undertaken, which has taken place every year since then.

The depot was extended in 1973 and 1982 and then continuously modernised. It comprises large bus halls, a modern master workshop with safety testing facilities and a petrol station. In 1989, the offices and showrooms were rebuilt and the filling station was rebuilt. In 1999, the filling station was rebuilt again in accordance with the necessary environmental regulations.

HOFFMANN-REISEN also adapted to the changing times. Today the company still has its own lines, but also offers trips and excursions in Germany and Europe.

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