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Crime Bus


Usually a "crime bus" has no windows, is called a "green minna“ and brings criminals and scoundrels to deserved jail.

The journey in the Eifel-Crime-Bus is completely different:
The almost 100 km long round tour North Loop - Crime Loop takes you to the scenes and striking locations from the Eifel thrillers of the most famous authors. As with walking tours, the participants are intensively involved in the action and the tour is thus a unique, sociable and entertaining experience.

In the care of a leading investigator, the crime guests are "on the way on the streets of crime" searching for clues to the crime scenes. Eerie surprises and many exciting stories await the guests on the way and of course they also have to use their criminalistic intuition and their criminal creativity.

Those who do not want wait that long, can book the crime tour individually for a group!

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