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Travel Program


1.4. - 11.4. Vietnam - Cambodia Cruise - Highlights along the Mekong River

Vietnam and Cambodia are like an assault on the senses! The Asian countries are equally breathtaking, untamed and fascinating! From the pulsating metropolis of Ho Chi Minh to the impressive Khmer temples in Angkor Wat. A cruise of superlatives!


18.4. - 26.4. Georgia and Armenia - Historical Highlights of the Caucasus

Marvel at the impressive experience of nature and peaks of the Caucasus and dive into a true treasure trove of history of both unknown countries.


17.5. - 27.5. Iran from another side

Iran is currently in the headlines on television. Visit the historical and culturally fascinating country yourself and create your own opinion!


5.6. - 12.6. Malta - to the twin city Adenau's

Experience an unforgettable Mediterranean journey to a small country with great character, distinguished by secluded bays and medieval citadels.


8.7. - 18.7. South Tyrol Mal Anders!

South Tyrol is alpine and Mediterranean, Dolomites and vineyards. South Tyrol bridges between cultures.. South Tyrol unites tradition and the present. South Tyrol speaks German, Italian and Ladin. South Tyrol is pleasure and closeness to nature. South Tyrol moves - you too!


22.7. - 29.7. North Norway and Svalbard in the footsteps of the polar bears

The ideal destination for nature lovers, because the fjords, glaciers and midnight sun determine the impressive landscape of Norway. Experience arctic nature adventures with polar bears, whales and puffins.


20.8. - 30.8. Silk Road - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Discover thousands of years of history, breathtaking landscapes and enchanting cultures in the footsteps of unknown Central Asia!


3.9 - 14.9 Rwanda and Tanzania - Gorillas and Savannahs

Gorillas, chimpanzees, safari adventures away from the crowds, friendly and cordial people, experience the ultimate safari highlights!


7.10. - 17.10. Israel - Discoveries with friends

Experience the diversity in the land of creation! With us you will experience Israel from a different perspective!


21.11. - 1.12. South Africa - the East Coast

A world in one province, experience Zulu culture, unforgettable safaris and tropical coastline. Kwa-Zulu Natal offers everything in a small space!


4.12. - 14.12. Egypt & Nile Cruise live 5000 years of history!

From the pyramids to the medieval markets to the vast desert, there are still many undiscovered natural jewels in Egypt that will captivate you. Feel 5000 years of history.


30.12. - 6.1. New Year's Eve fireworks of nature! The Northern Lights in Greenland!

In the spectacle of nature! Experience the natural New Year's Eve fireworks of the polar northern lights. An adventure you will never forget!




South Africa


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