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For over 50 years we have enjoyed the trust of our customers with our bus and worldwide holiday tours.

When we organized our first bus trip to France in 1960, the travel industry in Germany was still in its infancy. It was not until the 1970s that "mass tourism" began, as we know it today in many destinations around the world.

Hoffmann Reisen has also changed over time and repositioned itself as a boutique tour operator in recent years. Of course we offer you the "standard programs" from many catalogues and tour operators; however, we recommend that you let us design an individual tailor-made vacation or exploration for you.

We only recommend products and destinations that we have Otten to know ourselves. We rely on reliable partners we know personally. Today, Hoffmann Reisen also acts as an international bus operator who welcomes guests from abroad to Europe and accompanies them on their travels. Our concept is "modern, individual and unique"! This is what we would like to offer our guests who want to discover and experience the world with us.

Travel with us! Discover the world!

Your Hoffmann Travel Team

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